Can’t Live Without You



Every family has a story to tell. This TV miniseries revolves around a typical family and deals with their daily struggles in modern society. Sometimes, family members give each other enormous emotional support and make their parents immensely proud but at other times, they are the worst enemies to each other. But in the end, there is a message tucked underneath the layers of family relationships that basically says, love is what binds them together rather than their blood relations. Since family members can always depend on each other not matter what kind of difficult, inextricable circumstances they find themselves in, they never feel lonely in this self-absorbed world or consider themselves unlucky. Sometimes, a different word is used in place of love when family members talk about how they care about each other. And we are all acutely aware that families are inseparable no matter how hard we try to detach the emotional chains that come with being part of a family.

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