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Three couple in this drama represents three-stage in the marriage that the different marital status and the concept of birth and parenting. Fang Yun (Yun), the elder sister of Fang’s family, is a bar’s owner. Facing with the accident of her son, Yun feels upset and gets a divorce with husband (Qin). Finally, she remarries live with her husband after they adopted a disabled child. Fang Le (Le) and wife Yuanyuan decide that they do not want a baby, while their parents are eager to have a grandson. After changing their minds, Yuanyuan meets a trouble in her career and Le always honey up to his wife and take care of their little family. Fang’s little daughter, Fang Xiang (Xiang), is a band agent. She and Shang Beijing are a couple but no one knows. When Xiang found that her husband puts all property to his ex-wife and daughter (Maomao), she takes wealth defense. However, her stepdaughter was later diagnosed with leukemia. Xiang wants to pregnant to save Maomao.

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