ABC Bear



A big tree with a tree house growing in a lorry? Frogs singing funny songs and a cow being fond of solving arithmetic problems? Can we really find things like that? Yes we can! Visiting the "ABC - Bear" and his seven friends cruising around the world in their fancy mobile, this little wonder-world becomes true! The latest program, written by the famous kids-author Thomas C. Brezina, is a valuable pedagogic contribution to basic learning, inviting the youngest audience to get the knowledge of letters and numbers easily! The captivating adventures of the "ABC-Bear" and his friends also playfully teach social aptitudes suitable for kids between 5 and 7 years: The "ABC - Bear" is always accompanied by his friends Iggi, the hedgehog, Box, the beaver, Mona Muh, the cow, Pim, the small penguin-chick and the funny Platscho-frogs. In every episode you will find a new song of the «Platscho-frogs» to sing along. With a lot of music, jokes and funny songs the "ABC - Bear" and his friends animate children of preschool age and children just starting school to learn the ABC and mathematical basics, enchanting their little audience as well as their parents.

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