Men and women all have habits they can’t seem to give up until the day they die.
Men have swallows sitting in their hearts.
And women have fantasies about love.
So they continue to wander around confused in their search for love without having the faintest idea who their true soul mate is.
Such characters meet and quibble with one another in this drama series.
Each dreaming of their own fantasies, they say cynically, “Thanks, but no thanks!”
Creating mirages without substance, they become heartbroken chasing after something that is not real.
So they think happiness only belongs to others.
Most people probably have experienced at one time or another, searching for a pencil all over their house, only to discover they had been holding it in their hand all the while. This drama is about the process of realizing that the pencil is in your hands.
This drama wants to talk about the simple truth that both love and happiness are found right beside you, right in your heart. It wants to say that if you discard your superficial defenses, just a little, you too can become happy.

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