Dangerous Beauty




story of a family, who gets more than they bargained for, when they take in their orphaned niece, an irresistible young woman who brings storm clouds to their previously clear skies. Ahmet is the father of two grown up sons - Namik and Sait. Ahmet has a brother, Hüsnü, whom he broke off all contact with, many years ago. One day, Ahmet gets a letter from his brother, who on his deathbed, asks Ahmet to take care of his daughter, Muazzez, who will be left completely alone once he dies. To make things worse, it turns out Hüsnü had a lot of debts and Muazzez becomes homeless soon after his death. Ahmet's son Namık travels to Izmir to fetch his cousin. The two have never met before. He likes her right away and starts looks after her like she is his own sister. Both brothers feel that Muazzez brings life and energy into the house and there is attraction in the air. The only person who doesn't like her is Namik's conservative and controlling wife, Sayeste, who feels overshadowed and ignored since the arrival of Muazzez. The tension increases when it becomes clear that her husband and his brother are falling under her spell.

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