Bad Woman, Good Woman



Let me build a picturesque house on that green field…“Let me build a picturesque house on that green field...And live there with my beloved for a hundred years...”These lyrics to an old pop song still represent the hopes of countless people.To watch your child at play in a home as beautiful as a painting, with your beloved by your side...We all dream of such everyday bliss, but it is by no means an easy dream to realize. Each of us has a house in our hearts known only to ourselves.In the heart of every person, there is a house that only he or she can enter.It can never be shown to anyone else, no matter how close they might be. It’s a house that we have built as a place of memory, pain, or even a deep, dark secret...But sometimes, such a house exists not just in one’s heart; there are those who wish to have a place like this somewhere in the real world, where nobody else can know. Husband and wife, so close yet so far away…They say that a tenacious bond in a former life carries over into one’s present life as the bond between husband and wife.On the one hand, it is the closest possible bond between two people, both physically and spiritually; on the other, it is even more distant than the gulf that separates strangers.The person we have been living with under the name of “wife” or “husband” may be someone entirely different from the one we think we know.If, one day, you discovered that your wife or husband had another life you had never even suspected, what would you do...? The protagonists walk a perilous and precarious tightrope.“Would I have been happy if I had married my first love, whom I truly loved?”What does love or family mean to them?

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